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Via A. Manzoni, 35
35020 Albignasego
PD Italy

Tel. +39 049.8625113
Fax +39 049.8862989
P. IVA 03940370285
Cap. Soc. 54.500 €

Iscrizione n. 03940370285
al reg. Imprese di Padova

A MODERN FABLE  The fox and the grapes...with wine.

One day the Fox happened by the Hyppo who was working in his vineyard. The grapes were so big and shiny that the Fox remained astounded. Taken by a sudden need to eat those beautiful grapes, the Fox jumped to try and catch them, but alas in vain. The grapes were too high up for her. Then the Fox, cunningly, talked the Hyppo into turning all that God sent bounty into wine. In the meantime she hurried to Sermen Drinking to choose the best glass. In this way, sly as she was, since she couldn’t eat grapes she…drank them.

And so the moral is: even the most cunning fellows need the right partner to reach their goals!